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Fast delivery.
Fulfilled by humans.

Regardless of where your business is based, fulfil and deliver your orders,

on the same day, across Australia - while reducing your carbon footprint.


We are disrupting same-day fulfilment & delivery

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Placing your products in your buyers community

By distributing your inventory across our micro-logistics hubs,

we put your top-selling products local to your customers,

reducing average parcel travel distances from >700km to under 10km.


What makes VelOzity different?

Near-mile fulfilment places your product in your customers community - meaning that orders received today are in their hands that afternoon. There's no need for a calendar with that speed.

Our AI trip chaining means that our partners schedule the delivery in with their usual daily routine - and parcels travel only 9km on average, vs. over 700km for national carriers

Our partner network is being built on the back of low-emissions energy - with our partner growth prioritising electric vehicles and locations with renewable power sources.

When you are close to your customer, you don't need loads of packaging to protect your goods in transit - reducing packaging, EV's, renewable energy and less distance travelled make VelOzity the green partner for your fulfilment.

Orders received into our network by 2pm are delivered the same day. Any orders that miss the 2pm cut off are automatically scheduled on the next day's run.

Best of all, keep your costs under control. With competitive pricing, VelOzity gives you storage, pick, pack and delivery all in one low price. 


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Amazing service and price

"Amazing service and it came same day. I like that it's supporting local business and the community, too.

Will definitely buy from here again"


So speedy!

"Ordered this morning and it arrived this afternoon - and with a smile.

Very happy with the service"


Good price and fast delivery

"I ordered toilet paper and kitchen paper. The delivery was lightning fast - I ordered at 10am and got it by 6pm! From start to finish, constant updates through text messages kept me in the loop.

I'm genuinely amazed by this service!"


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